Understanding the Tools Used by Local Drain Cleaners

Drain cleaning is a dirty job that is not easily completed by homeowners. It’s most effective and often easiest to call a professional drain cleaner to ensure the job goes smoothly with no issues. However, you may be curious about the job that will actually be done and the tools that local drain cleaners use to work effectively. This video is a great guide through all the best drain cleaning tools so you can know what’s happening to your home.

Video Source

The first tool the expert mentions is an electric auger used for digging into the drain. This allows the professional to very quickly enter the drain that needs cleaning so they can jump right into the project. The auger will automatically extend and pick up everything in the drain that is causing a blockage to efficiently clean the drain.

There are larger augers that are designed with larger drains in mind as well. The professional shows his big machine that he uses for sewer and sanitation piping. This extends much further and allows for an easier cleaning process as a whole. It also has a more powerful motor to break through gunk much easier.

Finally, a drain cutter is important if the drain needs to be replaced in its entirety. A cutter makes this job easy for local drain cleaners, by simply snipping off the metal. This makes replacement a breeze, and the drain cleaning job easy.