Your Guide to Hydro Excavation Service

If You own a property that needs to have soil or debris removed, one successful method for soil and debris removal is hydro excavation services. In their YouTube video, “Hydro Vac and Hydro Excavation Services,” the Cloud 9 Service Company demonstrates an application of their hydro excavation process. Hydro Explanation uses pressurized water and a vacuum device to remove soil or debris.

Video Source

This method is safe, affordable, and non-destructive.

Special Ways to Use Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is especially effective for areas where soil must be removed from an area with water lines, cable lines, or other utility lines. These areas would be especially appropriate for the use of soil extraction by this method since its non-destructive properties won’t damage those valuable utility lines. An additional use of this method would be for slot trenching. Slot trenching uses water to dig trenches to make it possible to implant cable or other utility lines.

Hydro Excavation service can be used during any season. It’s a safe process, as it doesn’t cause damage – even if tree roots are in the area. Another use for this process is for contamination spills. The water and vacuum used in hydro excavation will clean the area after eliminating the toxic materials.