8 Things to Have Plumbers Check In Your New Home

If You are considering buying a home or a move, it is a good idea to have local plumbers inspect your plumbing system. In fact, as the YouTube video above suggests, there are eight specific aspects of the plumbing system to examine.

1. Water Spots or Stains

Signs of water spots or stains under sink cabinets and vanities can reveal past or current water leak issues.

2. Piping Inspection

Understanding the type of piping material in your home can be useful now and later and help you avoid types of known problematic tubing.

3. Check the System

Check all the faucets, including the toilets, and pay attention to features like age, rust, and wear.

4. Secure Fixtures

Is the toilet, faucet handles, or any fixtures loose, insecure, or broken?

5. Sewer Line

Knowing about your sewer line system is good information to have for future repairs and concerns such as property requirements.

6. Drain Pipes

From the age and condition to the type of material used, inspecting your drainage system now can prevent headaches and costs later.

7. Water Pressure

A lack of water pressure is more than an inconvenience and is another area that deserves attention.

8. Water Heater

Age, efficiency, and condition are all aspects of evaluating water heaters.

Local plumbers can also often help with costs, and hopefully will help make that next move one that comes without any plumbing surprises.