What Kinds of Tasks Does a Plumber Do on the Average Day?

Plumbers deal with clogged drains for the most part. A day in the life of a plumber consists of installing or repairing pipes, appliances, toilets, tubs, and other plumbing. The professional in the video shows us a typical day.

The Biggest Part of the Day

Plumbers spend most of their time talking to clients, gathering things from suppliers, and driving to the venue. The video doesn’t show us all of how plumbing is installed, but we get the idea.

Video Source

Plumbing Problems You Usually Don’t Consider

One client has a sensor on their water heater that malfunctions. This causes the heater to go out. It’s a special order part, so the plumbing professional waits for it to come in before he can fix it.

About Those Clogs

One of the coolest toys a plumber uses is a camera. It’s advanced down a drain to “see” the clog. Then all he has to do is clear the clog, and the client is good to go. Even sump pumps can mess up, but all this one needed was a clamp.

A plumber’s day is filled with activity and problems that sometimes only they can solve.